What is babala?

babala Barbara was founded in 1997 
A brand from Hong Kong, full of personality and broaden our horizons of visual 

By a group full of extraordinary creativity of Hong Kong designers and buyers together from senior, committed women footwear and apparel with enthusiasm and dedication to fashion, avant-garde and innovative design concepts for apparel fabrics, tailoring and other details of perfection requirements Barbara create a unique brand of style and charm

Barbara implies a stick of freedom, freedom, self-love, his own inner energy, is the perfect combination of fashion and freedom, with the designer's interpretation of the life story of subversion, each one designed to work with the brand must be deep of style, but also the concept of persistent Barbara

babala footprint?

In the early 1990s: the main production for export shoes, exported to Europe market, we develop and produce high-heeled shoes because new styles, good quality and won a lot of customers. 

The mid-1990s: in concentrate for export, it began to focus on domestic market. To meet the challenges of the domestic market by foreign service mentality, our professional advantage gained customer appreciation. 

1994: babala brand registered in the success of China's State Trademark Bureau. Subsequently conducted a cross-ownership of the trademark registration of all-round protection to ensure exclusive ownership of the trademark for the enterprise. 

1997: After years of careful preparation products, babala brand shoes successfully listed on the Hong Kong Reunification Day. 

1998: From a single product line of footwear, to women's + shoes + handbags + accessories, round shape babala brand personality fashion charm. 

1998: babala brand at home and abroad started to become more beauty pageant clothing, shoes suppliers, some models of long-term orientation and training institutions purchase babala brand model shoes. 

2000: formation of tidal Guangzhou Trade Co., Ltd. specializes babala brand women's management. 

2000: In the product markets on the basis of a successful trial operation, expand babala brand monopoly retail system. The first shop opened in Shanghai People's Square, the store operating sound, impressive performance, by the Shanghai ladies welcome. 

2004: Become Ruili, COCO fashion magazines such as super trend information object, since our products are often cited tide probe published. 

2006: Barbara International Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong, specializes in Hong Kong and Macao babala monopoly business, to become an international fashion city and a beautiful landscape. 

2006: cooperation with Hunan Satellite TV has become a happy girl (Li Yuchun, etc.) clothing sponsor. 

2009: Awarded Shanghai "World Expo, the city public satisfaction survey" Gold brand. 

2010: babala brand retail monopoly system remains firmly committed to the Direct route, in Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha and other core city, our outlets have maintained sound management, strictly control the number of stores in less than 100, in order to ensure that a single shop 100% successful business. 

2011: babala brand chain business has accumulated years of experience, accumulated a mass of customers agree, for large-scale city

2014 babala new look